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Masalta Tamping Rammer - MR60H,MR60R,MR68H,MR70H,MR70R,MR75R

Masalta MR70H rammers are designed to deal with the tough site condition, well balanced, easy to operate and excellent manoeuvrability in trenches and around pipes. Additionally, every tamping rammer is performance tested before it is released from the factory thus you can trust it at all.

Comparing to our normal plate compactors, the tamping rammer series is designed for compacting COHESIVE soils, such as clay and silt in small repair jobs and in narrow confined areas, such as trenches or housing sites. But they also could be used on sand and gravel.

  • Rammers are driven by 4-stroke petrol engines designed specially for rammers. No need to mix fuel and oil, easy starting, low-noi operation, low maintenance and reduced fuel consumption comparing to 2-stroke engine.
  • A heavy duty throttle control provides more reliable and longer service.
  • The guide handle offers a highly engineered shock mount system to reduce HAv and improve operator comfort.
  • Heavy shock mount system reduces hand-arm vibration and improve operator comfort.
  • Innovative engine side cover protects and guards recoil starter from particles.
  • Convenient rollers for easy loading.
  • Perfectly balanced while delivering ideal compaction with controlled jumping motions without affecting the impact force.
  • Specially designed trolley kit for easy transportation.
  • Additional bilt-in air filtration system plus the original air cleaners in the engine provides cleaner air to engine for longer life and proved durability.
  • An integrated fuel valve provides for easystarting.
  • Plastic oil tank offers longer life and rust-free.
  • Laminated wood and steel shoe absorbs and withstand vibration shock.
  • Special protective frame for engine prevents any possible damage on tough jobsite.
  • High quality German made polyurethane bellow. Accepts more compacting force, offers a reliable lubricating system.
Model MR70H
Engine Type Honda GXR120
Power Kw(hp) 2.3(3.1)
Operation Mass Kg(lb)
Impact Force kN 13.0
Jumping Stroke mm(in) 40-80( 1.6-3.1)
Fuel Tank L(US gal) 2.8(0.62)
Shoe size mm(in) 340x285(13.4x11.2)
Dimension mm(in) 345*705*1055(14*28*42)
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