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Submersible Pump(Flexible Shaft Pump)
Our pump is compact with aluminium casting body and can be used with ease even in areas without access to power supply. The high performance pump is so designed that it is free from trouble due to foreign objects. the pump can be driven by the engines through flexible shaft inserted in the hose. Our pump and vibrator could have the same connections. Recommended drive units are our MVE and MVD series.

  • Well-designed cast aluminium pump body with reliable durability.
  • Prevent pump cavitation better than normal pumps.
  • Little space occupation is ideally suited for narrow applications, such as in wells and ditches.
  • Easy to operate and convenient connect to power units with couplings.
  • Strong rubber hose in various length options to meet the demand for different applications.

Model Discharge Dia mm(in) Max.Lift m(ft) Max.Capacity L(Gal)/min Revolution rpm Length of Horse m(ft) Weight w/o Engine kg(lb)
MSP2 50(2) 15(49) 1000 3000-3600 *5(16.4) 21(46)
MSP3 75(3) 18(59) 1300 3000-3600 *5(16.4) 22(49)
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MSP Serial
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