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Masalta MDP Water Pump, Water Transfer Pump, Diesel Powered Water Pumps.

At the heart of every MASALTA water pump is a dependable, fuel-efficient, 4-stroke engine proven to deliver more pumping power. Durable, reliable Diesel Powered General Purpose Pumps are ready for a variety of challenges. Our MDP Series Water Pumps are lightweight and handy, ideal for homeowners, gardeners, and boaters. 

Gasoline and diesel water pumps are lightweight, flexible, and irrigation machinery. They are mainly used for irrigation and drainage operations of large-scale agricultural and forestry crops, and can also be used for water spraying operations in urban landscaping and suction and drainage operations at construction sites.
Model MDP2 MDP3 MDp4
Engine Air-cooled,4-cycle,single cylinder
Engine Type Chinese diesel engine
Power kw(hp) 3.1(4.2) 4.4(6.0) 6.6(9.0)
Operation Mass kg(lb) 35(77) 52(115) 69(152)
Dia.of Suction Port mm(in) 50(2) 80(3) 100(4)
Dia.of Discharge Port mm(in) 50(2) 80(3) 100(4)
Max.Flowing Volume m³/hr 36 60 96
Max.Lift m(ft) 26(85) 25(82) 28(92)
Max.Suction m(ft) 8(26) 8(26) 8(26)
Continuing Time hr 8 8 8
Displacement cc 211 296 406
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