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FAQ After-sales Service Claim
  • What is your warranty policy?

    -    Masalta provides limited ONE YEAR warrantyto the quality issues caused by designing or manufacturing failure

    -    Vibrators and submersible pumps’ warrantyis 6 months

    -    Some special spare parts have longerwarranty period, such as 3 Yeas for rammer bellows

    -    Engine warranty is covered by enginecompany’s warranty policy in your market

    -    Fast moving parts such as belts, cables,blades are not included in warranty

  • How long is your delivery time?

    -    An order with standard Masalta machineswould take about 30-45 days in manufacturing

    -    An order with special designed productswould take longer time

    -    If customer provides annual purchasingplans, the manufacturing time could be improved

    -    Normally between the order ready time andthe ETD, there is 1 week for export handling

    -    Accurate delivery time needs to beconfirmed with our sales manager in charge of your market

  • How can I order spare parts?

    -    Masalta could offer fast moving spare partslist

    -    Customer can select the parts they need inMasalta’s parts manuals

    -    Customer to provide machine’s model no.,part’s no., part’s name, and qty, then Masalta will issue P/I to customer

  • Which engine should I select?

    -    You may choose according to your ownexperience

    -    You may choose to your local market’spreference

    -    You may choose by studying the differentspecifications of engines

    -    You may choose according to differentservices provided by the engine companies in your local market

    -    Masalta could offer you suggestionsaccording to its knowledge in your market

  • How can I be an exclusive dealer?

    -    An exclusive dealer must firstly be aMasalta dealer

    -    Masalta will calculate the dealer’s salesvolume in history, and estimate its growth potential

    -    Masalta will estimate the dealer’s abilityin sales, service, and brand publicity

    -    Both parties confirm annual volume targetsand brand publicity plans

    -    Both parties sign the exclusive agreement

    -    Exclusive delear is not allowed to selllight construction machines under other Chinese brands

  • How can I be a dealer?

    Masalta dealer is expected to have:

    -    Physical stores

    -    Sales team

    -    Capability to provide customer service

    -    Adequate stocks of spare parts

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